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The goal of PAVAC is to deliver an environmentally and economically sustainable technology by  innovating Flue Gas Desulfurization (also known as FGD) system.

PAVAC FGD systems use the latest advance in Electron Beam Flue Gas Technology (EBFGT) to convert both Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide emissions into commercial grade fertilizer. FGD systems employing EBFGT significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lowers facility maintenance costs – a winning solution for industry, agriculture and the environment.


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PAVAC Energy Corp.
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Welcome to EBFGT.

Hybrid Electron Beam Flue Gas Technology

PAVAC is the world leader in hybrid electron beam technology for Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD). We have a global presence and decades of experience servicing a variety of industries. This makes us your ideal partner for FGD projects.

PAVAC’s Electron Beam Flue Gas Technology (EBFGT) is the latest advance in FGD systems that convert both sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides efficiently and rapidly. EBFGT has low capital requirements while at the same time, allowing facilities to lower fuel costs, reduce maintenance, reduce downtime while meeting emission permit levels.

While traditional FGD require a variety of equipment, multiple processes and extensive maintenance to remove multiple pollutants, EBFGT integrates multi-pollution treatment into one installation and design with very low maintenance.

EBFGT also converts the emissions in commercial grade fertilizer components generating additional profits while gaining CO2 offsets.


About EBFGT.

EBFGT integrates multi-pollution treatment into one installation and design.Converting NOx and SOx pollution into fertilizer generates additional profits, and the fertilizer produced in the EBFGT facility gains CO2 offsets that would otherwise be emitted if the fertilizer were manufactured by traditional processes.

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